Hey lovelies, so still on the matter of our lovely Food Blogger and Lady of the week, Ify Larry-Agugor aka FoodLover….Today, i will be sharing  top 5 posts and recipes  that her readers loved and I trust that you will love also. In case you missed her interview here over the weekend, Click HERE to check it out.

NUMBER ONE: Christmas Recipes (Appetizer Edition): Coconut Curry Vibed Meatballs!

This meal takes about 30 mins to whip up and it can be served with pasta if desired.  Meat ball is one of the most important ingredient of this delicious appetizer as well as coconut. FOR THE FULL RECIPE CLICK HERE

NUMBER TWO: Delicious Experiments (Donut bites….Milo, coffee & Zobo Infused French Toasts)

From trial to experimenting, Ify and her friend in the process of making perfect donuts finally made one with the expert advice of a donut expert @aidas_bakeshop. From succeeding in making the donuts to experimenting with syringes and ended up filling the donuts with orange juice, maple syrup, coffee mate, peanut butter and injected them into donuts bites. CHECK OUT THE RECIPE HERE

NUMBER THREE: Christmas Recipes (BreakFast Edition): Cheesy Sweet Potato Hash Browns

Because of how crazy the celebration season is especially Christmas morning, FoodLover has promised something very easy to make and promises that it will still make everyone’s taste buds jump for joy! Best part of it according to her is that the prep process is also fun enough for children so less work for you/family bonding time….. Just a little secret, this meal has a lot to do with sweet potatoes…. CHECK OUT THE RECIPES HERE

NUMBER FOUR: Colour Me Breakfast: Bell Pepper Boats #FitFam

Yeah, where are my fitfam people….this one is specially for us. This is a healthy breakfast and there are varieties of stuffs that can be used as fillings for example: minced meat, cheese, rice…anything you love basically. CHECK OUT THE RECEIPE HERE

NUMBER FIVE: Snail Two Ways! (Parsely butter And White Wine Infused Nigerian Peppersoup)

If you are a lover of snail like myself then this is the perfect food for you…..FoodLover will be giving us the receipes on how to cook it HERE


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